Best Amazon Jungle Tours

Amazon Jungle Tours with indigenous guides!

Imagine yourself in an environment where silence is broken by singing birds and chirping crickets. Walking through deep rain forest fauna that grows literately in from of you. Suddenly a blue bird is catching attraction and we stand still to admire the beauty of Amazon wildlife.

The Amazon rain forest is the home of over 300 species of mammals, thousands of freshwater fish, tens of thousands of trees and nearly a hundred thousand other plant species.

Let us take you on an Amazon Jungle tour into primary rain forest. Our travel guides are most recommended and speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. Our company has over 15 years experience.

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Check out our packages:

Sunrise Tour
3 days – 2 Nights

This Amazon jungle tour is dedicated to those who like to rise up early to enjoy the Amazon wildlife. Birds, monkeys, alligators and snakes give you a warm welcome.
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Samauma Tour
4 days – 3 nights

This is the most popular Amazon jungle tour, we take to to Rio Juma, a well known area for rich fauna and flora. Enjoy the deeper experience.
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Tupana Tour
5 Days – 4 Nights

On this tour we take you to Rio Tupana, an ecological preserved resort, where we can find a large variety of flora, fish, birds, reptiles, snakes and spiders.
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Survival Trip
4 – 14 Days

This trip is for the real adventurer. You stay overnight in the jungle or with locals.
You learn how to build jungle camps and how to survive. Get ready for lots of hiking, canoeing, hunting, bird watching, fishing.
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